SpecR Handbooks

The SpecR handbooks are an in-depth exploration of the projects exclusively selected by our investment mandate for their ability to resolve for one or more of the maturity hurdles faced by the blockchain space as it locomotes towards adoption. At this nascent stage of the blockchain space, we believe conceptuals alone are insufficient to call the winner and that a project’s technical strength and business acumen are the true determinants of long term sustainability and success.

The SpecR handbooks define the critical narrative of the respective projects by dissecting their technical and conceptual frameworks to present unbiased, correlative and comparative discussion. The handbooks are updated as and when projects achieve major technical or market milestones and will follow each project to what we believe is its maximus in contribution to locomoting the blockchain space.

Disclaimer: The information below aims to be impartial and is subject to the terms and conditions of the website. It is not investment advice and should not be perceived as such.


Kadena – SpecR Handbook

Kadena's public chain introduces Chainweb - a previously unexplored scaling concept that enables parallel block processing across multiple PoW chains that are braided together into what is a web of chains.


Constellation – SpecR Handbook

Constellation is a project which introduces to the DAG space - Hylochain, a lightweight consensus architecture. Hylochain couples a reputation based consensus model with the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data structure.


Block Collider – SpecR Handbook

Block Collider is the first true “multi-chain”, which at genesis will connect 6 chains - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Waves, Lisk and another chain that is yet to be named. Block Collider’s core ledger is the aggregate of all blocks on all member chains, giving rise to the term “multi-chain”.


ICON – SpecR Handbook

In its endeavour to hyperconnect the world, ICON is forging a connectivity infrastructure that bridges the gap between existing societal structures and the trustless function offered by blockchain technology- providing a tether between nuclear communities creating a network of networks effect


Wanchain – SpecR Handbook

Wanchain sold out within ten minutes at ICO and with significant community interest, it is one of the key contenders in the rapidly growing interoperability/smart-contract space. Its goal is to become the preeminent financial market for digital assets across public and private blockchains.


Request Network – SpecR Handbook

Request Network has been dubbed “PayPal 2.0” by some commentators and while Request can work as a payment platform akin to PayPal, many do not realise that the Request Network is much more.

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