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Kadena – SpecR Handbook

Kadena's public chain introduces Chainweb - a previously unexplored scaling concept that enables parallel block processing across multiple PoW chains that are braided together into what is a web of chains.


Constellation – SpecR Handbook

Constellation is a project which introduces to the DAG space - Hylochain, a lightweight consensus architecture. Hylochain couples a reputation based consensus model with the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data structure.


Block Collider – SpecR Handbook

Block Collider is the first true “multi-chain”, which at genesis will connect 6 chains - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Waves, Lisk and another chain that is yet to be named. Block Collider’s core ledger is the aggregate of all blocks on all member chains, giving rise to the term “multi-chain”.


ICON – SpecR Handbook

In its endeavour to hyperconnect the world, ICON is forging a connectivity infrastructure that bridges the gap between existing societal structures and the trustless function offered by blockchain technology- providing a tether between nuclear communities creating a network of networks effect

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