Progressing towards
a decentralised economy

Rationality alone is insufficient in the pursuit of innovation. A speculative lens empowers logic to catalyse change and disruption.

Speculative Rationality, as a research institute, embodies this philosophy in its endeavour to propel Distributed Ledger Technologies, and their contributions towards a new paradigm shift – a decentralised economy.

Tools of Thought

Speculative Rationality bridges the divide that exists within the core crypto community and the world more broadly. The divide manifests itself across several areas and is the focus of our analyses:

Clarity of vision for what decentralised systems mean for the world, now and in the future.

Defining maturity hurdles faced by the decentralised ecosystem.

Directing attention towards cutting edge solutions that are best situated to resolve these maturity hurdles.

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Models of Thought

The end goal of a decentralised economy may seem like a far-off future. Applying cohesive mental models gives a framework within which to understand the landscape and opportunities on the ramp up to adoption.

We seek to provide mental models, information and context on the convergent points within the Blockchain space.

Project Handbooks

Our handbooks define the critical narrative of projects exclusively selected by our investment mandate for their ability to solve pieces of the puzzle as they locomote the blockchain space towards adoption

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Constellation – SpecR Handbook

Constellation is a project which introduces to the DAG space - Hylochain, a lightweight consensus architecture. Hyloc...

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Block Collider – SpecR Handbook

Block Collider is the first true “multi-chain”, which at genesis will connect 6 chains - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Wave...

Ecosystem Hubs

The hubs illustrate the core pillars of a decentralised ecosystem. We deconstruct each pillar and the role it plays in building a trustless, immutable and impartial economy.

We analyse cutting edge, experimental technologies and their implications on broader blockchain, socio-economic and geopolitical developments.

As the space accelerates Speculative Rationality will monitor the pulse and maintain a holistic understanding of the progress.

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