Block Collider – Speculative Handbook

A close look at the Blockchain space reveals a series of blockchain projects that operate largely in distinct silos. The reality is that blockchain technology is yet to realise widespread real-world adoption, however as we accelerate towards maturity a key infrastructure level requirement will be the ability for information to be transmitted in real time from blockchain to blockchain and even off-blockchain to old world systems. Anecdotally we need to look only as far as the internet to conceive the value that interconnectivity can generate.

Wanchain – Speculative Handbook

Wanchain sold out within ten minutes at ICO and with significant community interest, it is one of the key contenders in the rapidly growing interoperability/smart-contract space. Its goal is to become the preeminent financial market for digital assets across public and private blockchains. Wanchain will allow users to provide services as well as transact in the investment, loan, exchange and crowd funding of crypto-currencies.

ICON – Speculative Handbook

In its endeavour to hyperconnect the world, ICON is forging a connectivity infrastructure not bound by finite limitations or the inherent drawbacks of a centralised system. Bridging the gap between existing societal structures and the trustless function offered by blockchain technology, ICON provides a tether between nuclear communities creating a network of networks effect.

Request Network – Speculative Handbook

Request Network has been dubbed “PayPal 2.0” by some commentators and while Request can work as a payment platform akin to PayPal, many do not realise that the Request Network is much more.

Speculative Rationality

Speculative: engaged in, expressing, or based on conjecture rather than knowledge. Rationality: the quality of being based on or in accordance with reason or logic. This website will aim to chronicle a journey into the volatile albeit bullish world of crypto-currencies.